Friday, October 16, 2015

Nutty for News!
October 13 - 16

This week we: 
  • learned multiple stategies to help us add
  • played 10's Go Fish, Double It, and Doubles Bump
                      Conversation Starter:                                 
Q: Which math game do you like best?

Help at Home: 
Play a game of 10's Go Fish with your child. All you need is a deck of cards!          


This week we:
  • learned the characteristics of amphibians
  • compared frogs and toads on a Venn Diagram
  • got a special visit from Miss P. at the science center 
    Conversation Starter:

 What pet did Miss P. bring?
 How are frogs different from toads?

This week we:
  • learned what a verb is
  • wrote a verb poem describing the things we love to do
Conversation Starter

What's the difference between a noun, verb, and adjective?
What verbs describe you?

Read Alouds

The Mysterious Tadpole by Steven Kellog
The Frog Principal by Stephanie Calmenson